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Welcome to Kamp K-9

Your Premier Daycare, Grooming & Boarding Facility
Conveniently located in Cabot, AR
Phone: 501- 983-1300

At Kamp K9 we take pride in providing quality care for you and your pet.  Your pet’s health, happiness and development are very important to us.  We take every step to make sure you pet has a safe and stimulating environment.  Here at Kamp K9 we treat your pet like the valued family members they are.

An exclusive benefit for Kamp K9 guests is the caring expertise of Dr. Sara Jennen. While other facilities may have similar accommodations, Kamp K9 is the only veterinarian owned facility in the area. This gives your pet easy access to Dr. Jennen and her team of medical professionals 24/7 should your pet have special medical requirements.

We are a full service daycare, grooming and boarding facility. We offer both long term and short term boarding. We welcome both large and small pets. Please click on the services tab to find out more information about each service that Kamp K9 provides.  


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